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Postcard #080Saturday, October 27, 2012
Feeling Good

This has been a good week, getting lots of odds and ends out of the way, getting ready to work on several web sites over the next few weeks. Then on to some brand new projects after that.

On Wednesday I didn't feel like doing anything work related so I took the day off and took apart the last 120 or so silk ties from my mothers stash she'd collected. One of the bits ended up on this week's card. Now the ties are all done, it feels like I have a brand new paint box full of possibilities. Next I have to organize them by color making them easier to work with. So fun.

Fall is finally here, the leaves are almost all off the trees, and it's time to hunker down and work, eat good soup, and knit a few fun things when time allows.

I love fall so much. I love the internal cozy feeling of wanted to read good books, to nest, to watch a good movie with an old quilt or afghan around me. I'm glad I live in a place that has seasons, each one has it's gifts, each season I'm ready for the next one when it arrives, grateful for the one that just ended, and looking forward to experiencing the new one waiting in the wings.

Have a great week everyone, hope all in the Northeast fare well the next few days, you will be in my thoughts and wishes for safety and calm.

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