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Postcard #079Friday, October 19, 2012
Releasing Echos

It was a great week. Mid-week I saw that my blog post from Sept 1 had been featured on Anne Ortelee's astrology blog I love. Today I finally finished a series of 22 images for my wall decor client, all being approved to healthy reviews. This afternoon I took in my last 2 eye paintings to Art & Invention Gallery, here in Nashville. They're selling the eye and lip paintings, and some of the mandala stones. I found out this afternoon the first mandala stone was sold yesterday.

Things seem to be falling in to place lately. I love what I'm doing now more than ever. I feel as though I'm finally making imagery and things that deeply sustain me. All kinds of juicy ideas are pushing forth now, setting up positions in front of my minds eye vying for attention.

Looking back at this week it feels like I've been releasing echos. Things I've created, some from awhile back, are now being reflected out and back in many forms, some being seen for the first time. Reverberations of images and words are now expanding hitting places they've never been before. It feels good.

As an artist you often make things not knowing in the end how they will be received, if at all. It takes great faith to follow that path and it's not always easy, in fact I'd say to contrary. But sometimes there are days like today and you get a nod or two, an affirmation of your abilities. And if you're strong, you allow that to sustain you until the next time.

I hope your week was affirming too.